Safe Opening

Ellkay Inc. Locksmith Offers Safe Opening

Ellkay Inc. Locksmith offers safe opening for local residents. Many people store important documents, like jewelry, birth or marriage certificates, medical records, and other paperwork in safes. When the key is lost, not working, or the combination is not working, there can be little to do to open it on your own. Trust our experienced locksmith to properly open the safe with little damage to it. We have the proper tools and techniques to safely open and reseal the safe.

combination lock close-up

Combination Changes for Safes in Uniontown, PA

The longer you have a safe or go without opening it, the easier it is to forget the combination. Without it, the items inside seem so far away. Count on Ellkay Inc. Locksmith in Uniontown, PA, for combination changes to help you regain access. We are available 24/7 for safe opening and additional residential locksmith services.

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